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large property in Uzbekistan, 440m² solar collectors
solar drying of fruits in El Salvador, 32m² solar collectors
solar drying of fruits in Nicaragua
solar drying of fruits in Guatemala

Individual tailor-made drying facilities

The solar collector

Every collector produces a thermal peak power of 1440 Watt (720W/m2). All used components for the collector are of high quality to assure a high degree of effectiveness and a long life span. A safety glass with 91% transparency is used. The absorber is made from special aluminium-profiles, which build a heat exchanger with a fivefold surface. For that reason the energy is efficiently transferred from metal to air. All frames and the back panel are triple layer clued wood and the contact between the single collectors is made from aluminium and stainless steel.  

The drying-chambers

The airstream in the drying-chambers is horizontal and gets distributed evenly. All facilities are built in a way that food can be processed in an hygienic way. The dried product is not exposed directly to sun to protect color, taste, aroma and ingredients. The bottom of the drying-chamber is covered with stainless steel.

Planning workshop

To get insights and to be able to make you a tailor-made offer we start the planning workshop for larger drying properties together to determine your needs. The result of the workshop is a detailed implementation plan for your solar drying facility.

Fell free to ask for more information regarding the workshops.